Kika Thorne

Filmmaker, Video maker, Curator, Activist
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Film- and video maker, curator, activist. Toronto-based, OCAD- and ECIAD-trained, bi-/queer-identified Thorne is a prolific maker of unclassifiable, sex-radical shorts that have made her a pillar of the Toronto indie film/video world as well as what Kathleen Pirrie Adams termed “coy mistress of the local queer arts community.” One of Thorne’s early collaborators was Mike Hoolboom who described her work as [following] a trajectory from the private to the public. Each of her films carries a diary address and arises from personal encounters, or as Kika describes it, —— just hanging out. These casual, low-tech documents of the underclass come armed with a barbed politic, whether in the sexy feminism of her early work or the address to urban homelessness in her more recent efforts. (2001, 265). In her prolific output of almost twenty works since 1991, Thorne offered "magical condensations that come from rushing headlong at the controversies surrounding sexual identity and sexual freedom. She veers off into personal reflections, then back out onto skid-marked vistas paved with collective memory and mass desires." (Adams 1997)

Sister (1995, 11) is an aggressive and enigmatic utterance of mourning for a sister who killed herself, bursting with the images and speech of queer eroticism and corporal satiation, while Year Book (1997, 3) is more fun, an abrasive fantasy of four Catholic schoolgirls who play patty cake and much more. Other collaborators have included Kelly O’Brien, with whom Thorne made Suspicious (1996, 5), an irreverent “talking heads” riff on the traps of identity politics.