The Queer Media Database Canada/Quebec is made up of a cross-Canada network of researchers, creators, institutions and distributors who share a common goal of promoting access to exhibition opportunities and knowledge exchange for new and historic film and video works, makers, and institutions.

Ever aware of the importance of intersectoral exchanges between the academic, cultural, community, and private sector milieus, the QMDCQ has assembled an Advisory Group that will ensure the perennial cross-country and multi-regional breadth of the catalogue and its initiatives. Our Board members, whose backgrounds represent extensive pedagogical, academic, artistic, and community-based bodies of work, will take part in outreach events planned for the project's start-up year.

Queer Media Database Canada/Québec Board of Directors:

Thomas Waugh (President and founder)

Julianne Pidduck (principal investigator, 2018-2019)

Alice Jim (Interim director, 2017-2018)

Kim Simard

Liz Miller

Anne Golden

Deirdre Logue

Giampaolo Marzi

Matthew Hays

Alan Wong

Natalie Kouri-Towe (Simone de Beauvoir Institute)

Beenash Jafri (Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema)


Jordan Arseneault


Nikola Stepic

Jay Bossé

Leslie Pierce

Fulvia Massimi

Antoine Damiens

Patricia Ciccone

Anthony Guadagnano

Etienne Ganjohian

French translation by:

T&S Coop


Advisory Committee members:

Trevor Anderson (FAVA Fest & Rainbow Visions)

Colleen Ayoup

Joe Balass

Janis Cole

Jeanne Crépeau

Shawna Dempsey

Louis Dionne

Steve Galluccio

Noam Gonick

Marie-Pierre Grenier

Matthew Hays

Yves Lafontaine

Denis Langlois

Michel Langlois

Robin Metcalfe

Andrew Murphy (Inside Out)

Shana Myara (Out on Screen / Vancouver Queer Film Festival)

Midi Onodera

Gerry Rogers (MHA, Newfoundland & Labrador)

Patricia Rozema

Katharine Setzer (Festival Image + Nation)

Jacob Tierney

Deborah Vanslet

Gary Varro (Queer City Cinema)

Paul Wong