“Metabiopic about the Canadian pioneer of the video scene and icon of the drag scene Colin Campbell who died in 2001. And therefore also about the development of television, the Cold War and the shadow of a master. Colin Campbell, a pioneer of video art, has made about 40 video films, including the classic ultra low-budget underground work Modern Love (1979). Until his sudden death in 2001, he was a university lecturer and above all an elegant and fascinating focus of Canadian art life. In his deliberately marginal films, which have been screened at the Dokumenta and the Venice Biennial, he played with an enormous variety of characters, many sexually ambiguous, such as his campy alter ego ‘Art Star.’ Usually dressed in women’s clothes, he addressed the viewer directly with a variety of confessions. Hoolboom, who strangely enough only met Campbell twice despite coming from the same city, has made more than an introduction to the work and life of Campbell in Fascination. In a visually inventive and impressive way, he also used the history of the era in which Campbell’s art came to fruition: from the Korean War and the Cold War to the rise of the television medium.” GertJan Zuilhof, Rotterdam Film Festival