Dallas Buyers Club

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Losely based on Ron Woodroof’s life, Dallas Buyers Club tells the story of an man diagnosed with AIDS in te mid 1980’s when HIV/AIDs treatment were largely under-funded and researched. Himself a straight man, Woodroof’s journey starts him off as an homophobic womanizer, but after being ostracized by his entourage learns of AZT the only FDA approved drug that can help people afflicted with AIDS. Afecting his health drastically, Woodroof learns of alternative drugs not yet approved by the FDA through Rayon, an HIV positive trans woman. Woodroof then starts an illegal ring of HIV drugs that he gets in the country through Mexico. originally filled by the idea of becoming rich off the sick and needy, Woodroof becomes more and more compassionate towards the LGBT community as he maintains his goal of getting these drugs into the hands of the people who need them. The film was a critical success, mostly for its acting, McConaughey and Leto winning top acting prizes at the acadey Awards in 2004, but was mostly criticized for its depiction of trans characters "One of a small handful of American cinematic representations about the onset of the AIDS in the 1980s, any film that tries to tackle a controversially neglected, remarkably devastating chapter in history is set to be challenged when it comes to how it represents it. Especially when the people tackling it -- and being heroized within it -- do not embody the group of people who were most ravaged by AIDS." http://www.indiewire.com/article/que-e-ries-dallas-buyers-club

Major prizes
Academy Awards 2013, Best Supporting Actor
Academy Awards 2013, Best Actor