Maureen Bradley

Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
Lives in
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA

Video maker, teacher. Trained at Concordia and UBC and recently teaching at the Universities of Regina and Victoria, Bradley is a talented and prolific satirist who has specialized in the vagaries of identity labels, eroticism, memory and coupledom. Bradley loves voice-over narration, and this, whether confessional, political, poetic or erotic, always amplifies or counterbalances her visual flair which has oscillated between experimental virtuosity and documentary directness. Often an onscreen performer in her own work, Bradley is the star of Defiance (1993, 6), possibly her most explicitly political work: here she is seen engaged in intensifying slow-motion liplock with another woman, all overlaid with a chorus of homophobic voices to the tune of “I’m not homophobic but...”, and then wrapped up by a scrolling Foucault quote about the spiral of power and pleasure. The Chosen Family (2001, 13), a hilarious tale of queer siblings, a wedding and a coming out, and You Fake (2003, 7), a miniature about simulated lesbian orgasms, both indicate a promising new direction in narrative.