Alan B. Stone

Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
January, 1992

Photographer. Montreal beefcake genius Stone was principally an artisan of still images that recorded the softcore erotic fantasy of the pre-Stonewall gay male generation. He technically belongs in this book only by virtue of a couple of drawerfuls of Super 8 posing films made in the 1960s, never fully marketed or distributed. Stone’s Mark One Studio, ensconced in his suburban Pointe Claire basement, was the most successful Canadian purveyor of that censored era’s glossy mail order photos of smiling, oiled-up and coyly bulging male beauties. His films, such as On the Rocks, starring his diminutive studio heartthrob Mike Mangione, or several presenting the international star and former Mr. Canada, Billy Hill, are more amateurish but at the same time more playful than the photographs. Super 8 allowed Stone’s stable of studs to improvise little strut-and-flex choreographies on the shore of the St. Lawrence, leap in and out of those Laurentian forests and streams, deftly change tacky swimsuits between shots, and in general turn on that flirtatious charm that became the epitome of Canadian maleness for Stone’s thousands of international customers.