So... when did you figure out that you had AIDS?

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So... when did you figure out that you had AIDS? consists of home video footage recorded when Chevalier was 13 years old in which he plays the role of a yellow clown-wig bedecked “man dying from AIDS" on a pretend daytime talk show. He is interviewed by his earnest childhood friend, and makes a series of cringe-worthy admissions that represent simultaneously an identification with, and alienation from, the meta-fictional AIDS victim. The video predates both the artist’s HIV diagnosis and entrance into art academia by six years. This internationally exhibited short serves as a “foundational work within my art and identity histories,” Chevalier writes, “as it predicts themes of performativity and representation that I would later come to explore.” Screened as part of the 2014 Queensland Art Gallery group show Your Nostalgia Is Killing Me! (itself a phrase pulled from a poster designed by Chevalier for AIDS ACTION NOW!’s poster/virus campaign in 2013), So… when did you figure out you had AIDS? was also chosen as part of the program for Still Not Over It: 70 Years of Queer Canadian Film,’s launch event at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival in August, 2015.