EAT: Mainstreet Dinner for the Homeless

Issues & Themes: 

At the time of feasting and celebration we wanted to bring attention to the homeless, those without kitchens. Featured is a visit to the adhoc community of homeless people who camped out in the downtown eastside of Vancouver recorded in Dec. 2002.  With winter approaching homeless squat an empty building (former Woodwards Dept Store). Forced out by police, a tent city is set up surrounding the site. This instant community mobilised to defend the right to occupy the public sidewalk. High visibility and strength in numbers generated enormous media and public attention to the issue "of the lack of affordable housing" and the plight of the impoverished . Within weeks the city locates housing for over 200 people.  The video opens with decadent portbello mushrooms oozing in red pepper sauce and closes with stacking of bologne whitebread sandwiches. Intercut with scenes of the tent city is a man cleaning a kitchen: on knees washing floors, rinsing dishes, scrubbing stove top, wiping down walls. (Vtape)