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A critical and box office success, C.R.A.Z.Y tells the story of a middle class family going through the mists of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution and Sexual Revolution. Only able to produce boys, the mother will pray for a girl, yet to be deceived again as she gives birth to another boy, little Zachary. But this one is special. They even come to believe that he is gifted and able to make people better when they are hurt or sick. But Zachary is also very different from his brothers; quiet, sensitive, artistic, his personality is miles away from the masculine brutes his brothers grow-up to be. There is a constant tension with his father that keeps trying to butch him up and ridicule his David Bowie obsession. But as Zachary grows, it is undeniable that he is gay. Devastated the father will struggle the most with this notion, but as the family breaks away from one another they are able, by the end of the film, of go through this ordeal and accept every member of its family for what they really are.

Major prizes
Genie Awards 2006, Best Motion Picture
Jutra awards 2006, Best film
VFCC 2006, Best Canadian Film.