Confirmation of My Sins

  • Video Out

"There are many memories of childhood that have slipped through the cracks. Those i do remember are of my struggles dealing with the difference in myself compared to the peoples around me. At two months of age i was taken from my biological family and given to a foster family, to this day i am unsure of the circumstances surrounding my removal. This action has left an abundance of questions that remain unanswered.  i have since made some contact with my biological family; however their struggle with identity leaves little room for answers in my search. The identities I have chosen are a mixture created by trial and error, with the guidance of the dominant society's uncompromising vision, infecting every breath. i am a chameleon taking on roles and behaviours in their appropriate settings. Not having a solid cultural ideal to work from, i am forced to create a visual history that combines many ideals. running, running, trees going by." (Longboy)