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Before finishing her well-known Elements trilogy in 2005, a trilogy that includes the 1996's lesbian-themed film Fire, Deepa Mehta made this lighthearted, humorous, but socially relevant film about Rahul Seth, a young man from an Indo-Canadian family who needs to find a wife to prevent his unmarried pregnant sister, Twinky, from losing her good reputation. Following a family tradition, Twinky can not get married until her older brother ties the knot so when Rahul goes to a bar one night and meets Sue, an Indo-Canadian woman he mistakes for a Spanish escort, he hires her to pose as his fiancée. As things evolve between them, the traditionalism of Rahul's upbringing is slowly put into question by Sue, who exposes the contradictions inherent in Indian culture. Speaking frankly and honestly about social issues and social norms, Sue quickly befriends Rahul's chauffeur, Rocky (played by Ranjit Chowdhry, who she knows to be a famous drag queen performer. By the end of the film, Rahul is torn between the choice of telling the truth about his relationship with Sue or to keep lying to his family. Mehta won the Genie Award for best motion picture screenplay for this endearing family frolick.

Major prizes
Best Original Screenplay (2003) Genie Awards