Vivek Shraya

Edmonton , AB
Alberta CA
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Musician, performance artist, writer, video maker. Edmonton-bred, of Indian descent, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, Vivek Shraya has found success in many different spheres of culture and arts. He has published two books, released multiple albums, and has had his short films screened at major queer film festivals around the world. In Seeking Single White Male he explores the queerness of the brown body in a predominantly white space. By juxtaposing rejection comments Shraya has received himself and polaroids of Shraya trying to adopt a white look with bleached hair and blue eyes, he exposed the hate and race politics within LGBTQ communities. Ache in My Name dealt with the Americanization of Indian names, a popular trend within first and second generation immigrants issued from Shraya’s cultural background. WithWhat I Love About Being Queer, Shraya intercuts candid monologues of 34 queer individuals hailing from his Toronto surroundings. In Holy Mother My Mother he explores his own relationship with his mother by having her reflect upon her own thoughts on motherhood as they travel to India.

Significant Titles