Vincent Chevalier

Video Artist
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
Lives in
Peterborough , ON
Ontario CA

Visual artist living and working in Montreal, Vincent Chevalier’s interest with codes and codifying is part of his man discourse in arts. From the queer community to the internet, his practice often offer nuance of what is to be the daily life for most of us. So... When Did You Figure Out You Had AIDS (2011) Is a found footage video where the artist, then 13 years old filmed and reenacted a tv talk show that he had seen where man afflicted with AIDS tells the grizzly details of his life. Becoming some sort of parody of the afternoon chat shows and the exploitation of people living with AIDS as a casual subject of talk on those type of shows in the early 1990,S, the film strikes by the vocabulary used by the teenagers that seem to know enough about HIV/AIDS to be able to subvert the conversation and actually make it funny.