Stanley Jackson

Winnipeg , MB
Manitoba CA
July, 1981

Sometimes known as “the voice of the NFB,”[1] Jackson wrote the commentaries for and/or narrated many dozens of documentaries (especially for Unit B films) including The Days before Christmas, The Back-Breaking Leaf, Universe, My Financial Career, Every Second Car, Death of a Legend, The Days of Whiskey Cap, Paddle to the Sea, The Hutterites, Circle of the Sun and Pilgrimage.

Jackson was also a director and producer, specializing in films on mental health, education, and children, and directed Who Will Teach Your Child? (1948), Summer is for Kids, Feelings of Depression (1951), Shyness (1953), Profile of a Problem Drinker (1957), The Quest (1958), Stigma (1958), Cornet at Night (1963), Children Learn from Filmstrips (1963) and Danny and Nicky (1969). “He was originally a schoolteacher and joined the NFB in 1942 as a researcher for Canada Carries On and The World in Action.” He retired in 1979.[2]

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