Shawn Postoff

Director, Scriptwriter

Director, scriptwriter. U. of T.-trained Postoff is a scriptwriter who directed three well-crafted narrative shorts circulating through the festivals in the early 2000s. Coming to Terms (2000, 16) is a classic coming out tale, well-acted and well-written, within the white middle class cottage-owning Ontario world, all unfolding within telephone conversations between a undergraduate and his uptight parents. Talk Salo (2002, 10) is more complex and original, a shaking up of a boy-boy friendship, again within the Toronto college set, through the sharing of Pasolini’s disturbing Sadean masterpiece Salo: 120 Days of Sodom (1975). Postoff has a scriptwriting credit on Queer as Folk and instructed screenwriting workshops at the U. of T..