Roy Mitchell

Filmmaker, Video maker, Arts administrator
Sault Ste Marie , ON
Ontario CA
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Film- and video maker, arts administrator. Maker of a dozen short videos and Super 8 films, U. of T.-trained Mitchell is the epitome of the low-tech personal artist whose work is about his life and his community. Mitchell is best known for the prize-winning I Know a Place (1998), a personal documentary about his hometown Sault Ste Marie and the history of its queer social networks in the person of a voluble steelworker/queen bee. See Chapter 5. Mitchell’s roughhewn videos often incorporate his indulgent and perceptive Super 8 footage of the world around him, and range from the sentimental (Friend [2002], a reflection on an evolving friendship with a dog and a guy), to the wry and the quirky (Christian Porn [2000], amiable performances for the camera alongside a fundamentalist nuclear family lined up to protest the Regina queer film festival). Mitchell has also run Toronto’s Trinity Square Video since 2001.