Roy Dupuis

New Liskeard. , ON
Ontario CA
Lives in
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA

Actor. Trained at the NTS, Quebec leading man Dupuis is a queer-friendly heterothrob of the large and small screen who got his start playing intense stage and screen roles that never flinched from intense physicality, erotic performance and queer identities. Dupuis is known by queer film audiences in particular for two explicit roles of lumpen obsession in Michel Langlois’s Sortie 234 (1988) and René-Daniel Dubois’s Being at Home with Claude (1992). A completely different matter is the homophobic J’en suis (Claude Fournier, 1997), in which Dupuis plays a yuppie who dangles his wrist in order to access the job market that fags have all sewn up. Can the star who read his scripts too lazily be forgiven when the hate movie of the decade includes his to-die-for wrestling scene followed by a long and lingering bare-all shower scene?