Rae Spoon


See McMullan, Chelsea. Singer-songwriter, writer, video-maker. Born to evangelical Christian parents in Calgary, Spoon started their career in the mid-1990s, touring music festivals around Canada. Their book "First Spring Grass Fire" received the prestigious Lambda Literary Award in the Transgender Fiction category. Chelsea McMullan, a frequent collaborator of Spoon's, has created a strong visual presence to accompany Spoon's discography. In 2013, the duo released the NFB documentary musical My Prairie Home, a meditative and melancholic journey through Rae Spoon's life. Set against majestic images of the Canadian Prairies, Spoon sweetly croons us through their queer and musical coming of age. The film got its Canadian premier at the Vancouver Film Festival in 2013 and its international premiere at Sundance in 2014.