Moira Simpson

Documentarist, Cinematographer
Lives in
British Columbia CA

Documentarist, cinematographer. Prolific pillar of West Coast feminist documentary for almost a quarter century, Simpson is known chiefly for her large output for the NFB, documentaries about everything from growing up and adolescence to geopolitical peace and justice. As a director, her mid-eighties series on addiction was the context for one of the first NFB portraits of a woman “who happened to be” a lesbian, Lorri: The Recovery Series (1985, 14), made at a time when Simpson was a “queer-friendly heterosexual.” Meanwhile, she also specialized in films for and about gender socialization and sexual education for children and youth, such as The Growing Up Family Video (1989, 75). As a cinematographer she shot such films as Peg Campbell’s groundbreaking docudrama on young sexworkers, both male and female, Street Kids (1985, 22), and, with her evolved lesbian identity long since on her sleeve, Jan Padgett’s effective anti-homophobia work Sticks and Stones (2001, 17).