Maxime Desmons

Montargis , A45
Loiret (45) FR
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Actor, Director. Born in Montargis, France, Maxime Desmons graduated from Strasbourg National Theater School in direct1996. Desmons took on many roles on stage and on film early in his career. He officially moved to Canada in 2003, where he established himself as writer and director. Based on his own experiences and surroundings, his shorts often depict the tribulation of gay male characters. Somebody is Watching (2009) tells the story of two men hooking up in a public bathroom, suddenly realizing that someone may have been watching them all along. 2011’s Au plus proche features the tribulations of gay actor mourning the loss of his lover as he stars in a Molière play. He directed What We Have in 2014, his first feature length film that tells the story of a gay man forced to expose a deep and dark secret to the small northern Canadian community that has just welcomed him.