Marjorie Beaucage

Vassar , MB
Manitoba CA
Lives in
Saskatoon , SK
Saskatchewan CA

Documentarist, teacher, activist. A Manitoba-bred Métis, Ryerson-trained Beaucage is one of Canada’s most distinguished First Nations media artists. Beaucage worked from 1992 to 2000 in Saskatoon and is known for her prolific body of collaborative and personal work documenting and inspiring First Nations experience, voices and struggles. Her Bingo (1991, 18), a “heavily coded incest film” about the victim mind, was programmed at Image & Nation 1995 as part of a group of women’s documentary and experimental videos, “History from the Inside Out.” Beaucage’s China... through one woman’s eyes (1996, 28) includes an evocative look at lesbians claiming representation at the 1995 Beijing NGO Forum, and her Proz Anthology (with Susan Risk, 2000) included strong lesbian voices within its streetworkers’ diary notebook format. Otherwise, references to queer issues are usually subsumed under her visionary spectrum of feminist and aboriginal voices.