Lorraine Segato

Musician, Documentarist
Sudbury , ON
Ontario CA
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Musician, documentarist. Sudbury-bred, Toronto-based, socially conscious rock star of the 1980s (Parachute Club), Segato’s 1983 hit “Rise Up” was appropriated as an anthem by the Toronto queer community, McCain’s french fries, and the NDP. Her feisty documentary about her old Toronto stomping ground Queen St. West: The Rebel Zone (2002,), starring Greyson, Fernie, et al., was honoured at Inside Out. Segato’s other contributions to queer film in Canada included an early “daring” film venture into lesbian sexuality entitled Larking (1980), as well as her role in the Sudbury documentary The Pinco Triangle as a repressed housewife who metamorphoses into a dykey rocker belting out “Out from the Underground” in front of the Big Nickel. Segato’s catchy theme song for Fernie’s anti-name-calling cartoon Apples and Oranges (2003) is “It’s Not Cool to Be Cruel.”