Lorraine Dufour

Video maker, Producer, Editor
Lives in
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA

Video maker, filmmaker, cinematographer; Queer-friendly pioneer-founders of Montreal’s Coop Vidéo in 1977, Robert Morin and Lorraine Dufour, recipients of the first Bell Canada Award in Video Art in 1991, are known to queer audiences chiefly for an early work, the beautiful and complex point-of-view queer narrative Gus est encore dans l’armée(Gus Is Still in the Army, 1980, 21). An unnamed narrator, a teenaged working class guy, tells about joining the Canadian Forces, simply because their commercials are so good, and discovering unexpected attractions to another ordinary soldier named Gus while filming in Super 8 their training camp at Petawawa. In 1980, the consequences are inevitable, especially after the army psychiatrist looks at his footage. Morin became a prizewinning feature film director, where his personal stamp of leftwing machismo includes an exploration of masculinity in fluidity and crisis.