Liz/ Elia? Singer

Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Montreal-bred, Chicago-trained Singer is a prolific Toronto-based artist who has made over a dozen short films and videos since 1998, in formats from Super 8 to video. A perennial of Inside Out and other festivals, she pursues a whimsical view of childhood, culture, memory and consumer environments. One of her most popular works is an unusual 3-minute Super 8 miniature, Snap (1998), in which vintage snapshots and laid-back shots of elderly, smiling Nova Scotia women (no doubt with secrets) are piled up under rhyming valentines all received from different women by a mysterious Dorothy in the 1930s and 1940s, while Anne Murray booms out “I Wanna Sing You a Love Song.” The film is dedicated to Murray’s classmate and fan, the artist’s mother. Malled (2003, 9) is a more straightforward and affectionate portrait of Tyler, a multiply-pierced blue-haired teenage butch who works (and flirts) in a mall clothing store and wants to be a blacksmith.