Born in
Lives in
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA

Video maker, sound artist. Born in France and based in Montreal, Lamathilde has been an integral part of Montreal's queer and feminist video community since the end of the 1990s. Her work explores many different political themes that come out of lived experience. Her Sexnoys series explores the link between mundane daily life and its potential to transform into something exciting, a theme that also exists in her less sexually charged videos. By altering daily objects into pleasurable items, Sexnoys is a good representation of Lamathilde's thematic and visual choices. Her style is unique and minimal, altering between using low-grade video, super 8, manipulated film footage and stop-motion animation. Sound is an integral part of her practice and most of her videos use voice-overs or soundtracks created by the artist. She has been an on-and-off member of Montreal's Women with Kitchen Appliances, a feminist noise project, since 2004, and has collaborated on many radio shows between 2002 and 2007. Her videos continue to be shown worldwide, in an array of different festivals.