Keith Cole

Thunder Bay , ON
Ontario CA
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Performer, director, producer, public relations person. Thunder Bay-bred, York-trained, LIFT p.r.-person Keith Cole is sometimes referred to as the “tap-dancing drag queen” and came into film and video through theatre and performance. His first video was Toilet (1996), based on a performance about surveillance and pornography. He then moved into celluloid, producing and starring in Nancy Boy Versus Manly Woman (dir. Erwin Abesamis, 1997, 27), a maniacal narrative about a fey superhero and comic strip artist who likes popsicles, psychotherapy and pounding schnitzel. Subsequent works such as I Think I’m Coming Down with Something (about crabs, 2003, 4) continue in a similar performance-based vein. A cameo cast performer from the first Queer As Folk season, Cole has collaborated with local queer experimentalists from Michael Caines to Sky Gilbert, who called him “just about the gayest man on earth besides moi.”