Jeff Erbach

Winnipeg , MB
Manitoba CA
Lives in
Regina , SK
Saskatchewan CA

Director, scriptwriter, music video maker, programmer, arts administrator. Winnipeg Film Group stalwart Erbach is best known to queer audiences for his first feature The Nature of Nicholas (2002, 100). The film burst into the film festivals unannounced in 2002, was greeted by unanimous raves, and confirmed that there is definitely something in the waters of the Red that attacks the Canadian realism gene. A queer Gothic coming of age narrative about the eponymous twelve-year old hero, Nature marshals an unsettling mix of spin-the-bottle games with girls, a dead father, a passive mother, a creaky farmhouse, insects and zombies–all presumably set off by a kiss between Nicholas and his best friend Bobby. Puberty was never meant to be easy, and Erbach, self-styled “straight-ish” in orientation, masterfully commanded child performances, interior and exterior landscapes, surreal fantasy effects and a sense of pace that belies his music video sideline. All add to the film’s seismic terror of the body and its changes.