Ian Jarvis

Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Videomaker, drag performer, curator, activist. U. of T.-trained David Collins and OCAD-trained Jarvis have made many short videos both separately and as a prolific team since the beginning of the nineties. Among their recurrent themes are memory and loss, desire, aging, and the vulnerability and innocence of youth (Something Died with Johnny, 1998, 4 ; My Springtime Days, 1999, 2 ; Honey Bunny, 1999, 2 , starring gay Toronto’s elder statesman George Hislop). Among their best works is the moody, nocturnal Love Sex Poetry (1996, 5), about romance and jazz. Collins and Jarvis are also astute documentarists, whether with the tongue-in-prepuce (1997, 7) or the respectful essay on haircutting as a queer profession Vain but Cheap (1998, 7).