Glenn Walton

Documentarist, Director

Documentarist, director. NSCAD-trained, Halifax-based Walton is known principally for his moving 1990 documentary Life After Diagnosis (30), an encounter with a rainbow spectrum of fourteen proud and out men and women with HIV or AIDS from coast to coast. Aimed principally at boosting the morale and survival skills of the recently diagnosed, and funded by Ottawa with Nova Scotia Persons with AIDS Coalition sponsorship, Life soft-pedals queer identity (in words, but not in personal sensibilities of most of its witnesses, nor in a sentimental scene where a PWA male couple sing love songs together at the piano). The film is otherwise notable for accomplished in-studio dramatized interludes in which an allegorical everyman wrestles with dark hooded figures before discovering the cheery community of your local support group. In the 2000s,Walton branched into drama with Chamberpiece(2004, 30), a tale of gay-straight urban voyeurism.