Frédéric Moffet

Filmmaker, Video maker, Documentarist, Teacher
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
Lives in
Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US

Film- and video maker, documentarist, teacher. Trained at Concordia and the Art Institute of Chicago, prize-winning artist Moffet is known for risky probings of queer subcultures and sexual performance on screen. I discovered this with Alice Is a Bitch (1993), in which the artist transgressed several borders at once, entering a video screen and fellating a masturbating man therein—not a typical undergraduate film. Experimental, personal confrontations with desire and transgression continued in the multi-screen Three Page Letter to an Ex-Lover (1995, 4) and in the prize-winning documentary on sexual offenders An Objective Measure of Arousal (2001, 6). Always interested in corporal and erotic performance, Moffet has focused in the 2000s even more on extremes, collaborating in several videos with Montreal choreographer of physical intimacy Manon Oligny and making a provocative documentary on the gay male “feeder” and “gainer” subculture, Hard Fat (2002, 23). Moffet settled in Chicago in 1998, where he teaches at his alma mater and addresses an international queer constituency in both languages.