Doug Melnyk

Video maker, Interdisciplinary artist, Visual artist, Sound artst, Critic, Arts administrator
Lives in
Winnipeg , MB
Manitoba CA

Video maker, interdisciplinary visual and sound artist, critic, arts administrator. University of Manitoba-trained Melnyk, a pillar of the Winnipeg queer arts community, made five videotapes in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which, like Auld Lang Syne (1988, 9), present intercalated talking heads whose deadpan narratives are fraught with oblique queer sexual undercurrents. The “queerest” is Danny Kaye’s Eyes (1994, 7 and 14), in which a scene from a movie featuring the closeted star is reconstructed as a looped and multi-framed wet dream of cowboy action and sexy nude nighttime visitors.