Denis Côté

New Brunswick CA

Independent filmmaker, critic. Hailing from New Brunswick but working mostly in Québec, Côté’s films are an overt flirtation between experimental and fiction. An Ahuntsic College graduate, Côté’s built himself a career as a critic for ICI from 1999 to 2005 before devoting all of his time as a film director The queer friendly director’s claim to fame was for his fiction features Les États nordiques, captured on video with a cast of non actors in Radisson, the village in the province of Québec that sits the closest to the arctic circle. Côté wanted to make a film about limits, and set it where Quebec’s paved roads end. The film won him the Golden Leopard at the 2005 Locarno Film Festival. One of Québec’s most prolific directors, Côté released close to one film per year since. 2013’ Vic and Flo Saw a Bear tells the tale of a lesbian couple recently freed from prison, as they establish themselves for a quiet life in Québec’s countryside. With this film, the director tackled LGBT themes for the first time. Starring Pierrette Robitaille and Marc-André Grondin, the acclaim for this film sparked interest in Côté’s work and retrospectives were organized around the world. Working with minuscule budgets and mostly outside of greater film institutions, Côté was able to become one of the most important voices from Québec’s generation of filmmakers of the 2000s.