Deborah VanSlet

Video maker, Performer, Technician
United States
Lives in
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA

Video maker, performer, technician. Concordia-trained, Montreal-based VanSlet has inflected most of her tapes since 1991 with her charming on-screen or on-soundtrack personality as voluble and whimsical storyteller. Perhaps best known for her Sick World cycle (1991-1994), VanSlet got personal with the third installment Sick World III: The Baby (1994, 20), where she recounts onscreen her then partner Erica Courvoisier’s giving birth to their daughter Auguste, and the world of sperm donations, epidurals, and breast feeding seems less sick than warm, physical and infused with queer tenderness, for all the raconteur jokiness. VanSlet stayed behind the camera for two collaborations with choreographer/dancer Sarah Williams in two lesbian pas-de-deux dance tapes Link (1996, co-director Lisa Graves, 6) and Twitch (1999, 5), both smart, kinetic riffs on Montreal urban space. In the 2000s, VanSlet’s interest in the weather found a characteristic approach, as in the quirky and poetic Weather Permitting (2001, co-dir. Patricia Kearns, 27). She has also performed in others’ tapes, most notably as the “Clint Eastwood” character in Anne Golden’s Big Girl Town (1998).