Deanna Bowen

Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Video and installation artist, arts administrator, curator. Caribbean-born, SFU- and ECIAD-trained, Toronto-based Deanna Bowen has shown her complex works, often Old Testament-inspired narratives of intra-familial sexual/power dynamics, in both queer community festivals and independent film and arts settings. Queer audiences have been most struck by the uncompromising video Sadomasochism (1998, 14; also an installation, 2000), a montage of ritual words and images that confront sexual role-playing with violent familial abuse dynamics, corporal performance and personal and racial political histories. Even The Toronto Star’s Peter Goddard spoke of “frightful irony,” and of the “spare imagery and the narrator’s richly evocative text bound tightly together by a fiercely focused intelligence” (31 March 2000). Bowen has collaborated with many other Toronto queer artists, such as Deborah Kirkland, and served with Inside Out.