Dara Gellman

Sydney , New South Wales
Lives in
Toronto , QC
Quebec CA

See Peters, Leslie; Videomakers, curators, arts administrators. Australia-bred Gellman and OCAD-trained Peters, both Toronto-based, have initiated curatorial projects and new media exhibition venues in Toronto since 1997. Gellman has presented ten or more video and video installations in international film festivals as well queer community sites. Her Alien Kisses (1998, 3) processes a girl-girl kiss stolen from mainstream sci fi TV and rarefies it into the realm of abstraction. Gellman’s and Peters’s many collaborations theorize their joint contention that “We are all voyeurs in our daily lives. Video is an extension of the desire to watch and be watched... Video is addictive” (1999). Interference (2003, 17), an abstraction of crime-solving reality TV locations—mysterious bungalows and spooky shrubbery—pushes compulsive voyeurism to its limits and can also be read as outsiders’ queering of a depopulated suburbia. Peters’s surge-o-matic (with Lisa Foad, 2002, 10), a colour-saturated, juicy closeup symphony of 1950s style cooking, cleaning and grooming (pale blue cupcake icing!), perpetrated by two contemporary gals, unspooled at Image + Nation as a prototype of lesbian high and dry camp.