Chris Bearchell

Edmonton , AB
Alberta CA
January, 2007

Journalist, critic, activist. As one of the minority lesbian element on the collective of Toronto’s influential gay liberation monthly, The Body Politic (1971-1987), Bearchell was one of the most listened-to voices in the magazine, the most pro-sex, anti-censorship feminist in Toronto. Her in-depth analysis of the 1981 CBC documentary debacle Sharing the Secret is typical of the insight and expressiveness she consistently offered :

“The Kastners’ camera does not just passively record and reflect; it selects, frames and shapes. They are formula filmmakers specializing in “sensitive” issues, complete with closeup invasions of private pain. When they don’t find exactly what they want or expect they’re not above using a little creativity to achieve the desired effect.”

Other than her articulate testimonies in such documentaries as Track Two (Sutherland, 1982) and Stand Together (Nicol, 2002), Bearchell performed a flirtatious cameo in Another Man (Youth Against Monsterz, 1988, 3), an early safe sex video for high schools.