Brent Carver

Cranbrook , BC
British Columbia CA
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Actor. B.C.-bred Carver is known best for his three-decades-long career as a leading man at Stratford and on Broadway (Tony Award, Kiss of the Spider Woman, 1993). In addition to Kiss, his contributions to queer theatre have been many, from Fraser to Bent to Findley. However, Carver’s major contribution to queer Canadian cinema rests on three strong lead performances alone, each indelibly marking a different decade and showcasing a different aspect of his prodigious talent: as Robert in Robin Phillips’s star-crossed adaptation of Findley’s World War I narrative The Wars (1982), a tortured young officer whose angst about his masculinity and the world goes much deeper than shell shock; as the cross-gender Comtesse in John Greyson’s Lilies (1996), a deluded mother overwhelmed with love for her gay son; and as Brian, in Thom Fitzgerald’s The Event (2003), the unflappable and committed director of a Manhattan AIDS community organization implicated in the assisted suicide deaths of his terminally ill charges. A fey, trim blond whose intensity never leaves his sharp-featured face, however restrained his histrionics, onscreen Carver expresses a distinctly queer mix of melancholy, strength, risk and obsession.