Andrew James Paterson

Video maker, Interdisciplinary artist, Critic, Performer
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Video maker, interdisciplinary artist, critic, performer. U. of T.-trained Paterson has been an omnipresent and prolific fixture of the Toronto queer/art video scene for more than two decades, onscreen and off. His tapes are complex experimental essays, often with self-reflexive narrative elements, formulating political issues from inside the arts and queer communities. Pink in Public (1993, 20) was a witty and colourful intervention in the “outing” controversy of the early nineties, in which an entertainment journalist, played by Paterson, must choose between playing along with institutionalized closetry or taking a stand, while focus groups on the club floors of the nation argue the political ins and outs. Cash and Carry(1999, 6) offered a debate on capitalism, globalization and the new barter economy, illustrated by a toilet blow job between a waiter and his customer/john.