Andrew Ellis

Born in
Halifax , NS
Nova Scotia CA
Lives in
Halifax; San Francisco

NSCAD-trained, Halifax-based Ellis got his start co-directing with fellow student and erstwhile boyfriend Thom Fitzgerald on their first feature Movie of the Week (1990, 71), an ambitious intertextual effort which The Globe and Mail described as :

a flamboyant mess... a strong idea about television versus reality in the life a young gay man... smothered under a mix of ideas alternately sophomoric and pretentious, and a fascination with film and video techniques which outlasts that of the audience... [but in which] the dialogue shows flair and the would-be TV commercials are very funny.... (29 Sept. 1990).

Ellis went on to the world of shorts with Dance of a Totally Unified Person (1991, 10) and Video Boyfriend (1992, 13), a prophetic comic fantasy about the possibility of mail order video sex partners replacing relationships in the nineties. Ellis had a cameo role in his old friend’s Hanging Garden (1997) and associate-produced his next film Beefcake (1999), relocating to San Francisco.