Alison S.M Kobayashi

Born in
Hamilton , ON
Ontario CA
Lives in
Brooklyn , NY
United States
New York US

Video maker, visual artist, performance artist. Born in Mississauga and trained at the University of Toronto, Alison Kobayashi now resides in Brooklyn, where she works as Director of Special Projects at UnionDocs, a Center for Documentary Art. Her video work centers around embodiment, character study and performance and challenges preconceived notions of gender. Her 2009 video, Do Good, engages the audience in a family tradition. Confronting viewers with notions of gendered authority and compliance, the artist grants them "Do Good" badges if they complete a list of tasks shown in the video (and in the subsequent handbook created by Kobayashi). In From Alex to Alex (2006) she explores the nature of hetero-sexual love by acting out a love letter she found in the street. Her videos have been exhibited and screened across Canada and the United States and Johanna Linsley works on the artist as part of her academic work on eavesdropping (Voice(s): Critical Approaches to Process, Performance and Experience (Routledge, 2014)).