Ali Kazimi

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Director, professor. Ali Kazimi was born and raised in India. He moved to Canada in 1983, earning his BFA in Film Production from York University. Now based in Toronto, Kazimi is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker. He has worked as producer, director, writer and cinematographer on numerous productions. Kazimi has directed over two dozen episodes of television documentary series and has shot films in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, the UK., the USA , Bosnia, Italy, Turkey, Namibia, Indonesia and Morocco. His films have won over thirty national and international awards and honours. In 2006, Kazimi joined the Department of Film, York University as a full time professor. (vtape) His participation to 2008'sRex vs Singh demonstrated his first attempt at tackling LGBTQ issues. The short film, commissioned by the Queer History project of Out on Screen, Vancouver Film Festival, was co-directed by Richard Fung and John Greyson. Based on archival records, the 28-minute experimental film tells the story of two Sikh mill workers, entrapped by Vancouver police and unjust fully accused of sodomy in 1915. The story is retold four different times, each time adopting a different genre, from documentary to musical and historical drama. The story exposes a little known fact of Canadian history where a large number of Sikh men were groundlessly tried for sodomy in Vancouver between 1909 and 1929.

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