Barbara K. Anderson

Lives in
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA

Audy bounced back to feature filmmaking in the early 1980s, usually in educationally oriented and financed projects. Best known is Luc ou la part des choses (Luc or His Share of Things, 1982, 90), a coming out drama set in a Trois-Rivières working class milieu, an engaging low-budget feature about a 20-year-old mechanic's crisis of self-discovery, notable for its intensity and resourcefulness. Who knows what is more surprising: that the stubborn director was able to wrest funding for this film from the Quebec Ministry of Education budget, or that he actually pulled it off as a non-professionally acted, tender and positive melodrama? Audy deftly observes the steamy and conformist small town setting, teenage male friendship, familial bonds and pressures, the trauma of sexual awakening, and ultimately personal growth, stigma management and identity reconstruction. Luc also has its sexy moments not only in an encounter with the blue-eyed, dark-bearded stranger post-skinny-dipping on the banks of a river, but also in the bonding among shirtless buddies on those long hot summer evenings.Yet another tragedy of the queer exodus from the stifling heartland, the film’s sentimentality is offset by its working class hard-headedness, a unique and lovely work unavailable in any form in English or French.