Paige Gratland

Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Filmmaker, video maker, performance artist. Mostly known for her association with the Canadian neo-folk queer band The Hidden Cameras, Gratland’s visual art practice tends to center around queer celebrities, gossip and the actualization of queer sexuality. Her most famous piece Celebrity Lezbian Fists is a series of silicone fists cast from the actual hands of queer cultural icon (JD Samson, Eileen Myles and Jack Halberstam, just to name a few). Her video work gravitates around similar concepts. Her 2004 video The Fabulous Life of Raige and Payne is a mockumentary about the rise and fall of dance-sensations-turned-lesbian-couple Raige and Payne, from luscious lifestyle to their ultimate demise. In Tit Pin (2004), she asked her friend to show their breasts anonymously on camera, made a short film out of it and created pins for everyone to trade.