Kaspar Jivan

Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

OCAD-trained, Toronto-based Jivan, a.k.a. Kaspar Jivan Saxena, began working in the late 1980s in wry animated shorts, shown at international queer and diasporic festivals signed Gita Saxena. The artist moved into personal video, concerned with diasporic heritage and identity, and was especially noticed for Second Generation Once Removed (1990, 19) and Bolo! Bolo! (1991, 31, with Ian Iqbal Rashid), an imaginative cable documentary on AIDS in the context of the South Asian community which led to Rogers Cable censoring the “Toronto Living with AIDS” series of which it was a part. Among later works, the work-in-progress Only Enough to Ignite (some unpreventable adventures in lesbian flirtation) (signed Gitanjali, 1996-98, 13), was a rich and playful, multi-lingual assemblage of interviews and performances by women of colour. Starting in 1998, Jivan’s work was programmed in transgender festivals in Toronto and abroad, and his current new media museum documentary-in-progress, Creatures of Terra Incognita, spotlights the “natural history of monsters.”