MediaQueer @ Reel Pride: Ground-Breaking Canadian Queer Films

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MediaQueer @ Reel Pride: Ground-Breaking Canadian Queer Films

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 11:30 to Mon, 10/26/2015 - 11:30 @ ReelPride: 

The Queer Media Database Canada-Québec celebrates Reel Pride’s 30th anniversary edition with a double bill of archival shorts and features by six of our most daring artists: Janis Cole, Holly Dale, Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan, Bruce LaBruce and the late Claude Jutra. The works presented are culled from a rich tradition of aesthetically and socially challenging film by and about LGBTQ people. From 60s vérité hybridity to unapologetic social-issue documentary, and 80s punk experimentalism, this capsule program is a prism of lesser-seen worlds: the underground, the prison, and urban landscapes caught up in the Sexual Revolution. Curated by Thomas Waugh and Jordan Arseneault. will also present a workshop about our project at Video Pool on Oct. 14 to which festivalgoers are warmly invited.

Proudly brought to Winnipeg with the support of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts, Concordia University Fine Arts, the Social Sciences Research Council of Canada, DailyXtra!, the Cinémathèque québécoise, and Cinémental.


Program 1: Thurs. Oct. 15 7PM (Gas Station Arts Centre, Winnipeg)

A Day in the Life of a Bull-Dyke

(1995, video, 10min30, Video Pool) By Shawna Dempsey, Lorri Millan

This video tells the story of a “big boned butcher” who finds passion and purpose. Both the public and the private lives of this “strange animal” are documented with the same mix of reverence and glee found in the exposés Bull-Dyke mocks. “However, because we see the world through the eyes of the subject, this fictionalized history is filled with all the joy, pain and ambivalence each of us experiences.”(Video Pool)

P4W: Prison for Women  (1981, 82 minutes, CFMDC)

By Janis Cole and Holly Dale

The film P4W is a shattering look at same-sex love and isolation in the most desperate of places. The filmmakers' four-year struggle to make this prison documentary resulted in a remarkable achievement. Janis Cole, Holly Dale and their crew have applied a direct cinema approach to a tight community of women and released a gripping and dignified story, both personal and political. A must-see lesbian classic!


Program 2: Thursday 15 Oct 9pm (Gas Station Arts Centre, Winnipeg)

I Know What It's Like to be Dead - Bruce LaBruce + Candy Parker, 1989, 15 minutes, Special director copy.

A triptych presented at the Museum of Modern Art retrospective held in honour of LaBruce and rarely seen elsewhere, this gritty self-portrait provides insight into the gay cineaste's pre-narrative phase. This collaborative self-portrait is a meditation on mortality from one of Canada’s most revered, reviled, and enduring mavericks.

À tout prendre - Claude Jutra, 1963, 99 minutes, Cinémathèque québécoise

A "semiautobiographical experimental narrative shows a privileged young filmmaker named Claude who is passionately involved with a black model named Johanne, who suddenly guesses that he likes boys. He strolls with Johanne up the Mountain, the famous gay cruising area, where he fantasizes that the couple is attacked by a leatherman biker. Johanne gets pregnant, Claude dumps her, and the relationship dissolves in narcissism, rejection, and bitterness."(T. Waugh) Canada's first explicitly gay-themed feature film is a nouvelle vague masterpiece that conjures a Québécois Truffaut or Cassavetes.

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