Sheila James

Lives in
Ottawa , ON
Ontario CA

Theatre artist, video maker, writer, musician. UBC-trained James is a multi-talented, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural fixture of the Toronto queer/diasporic arts scene. Since 1998, four of her videos made the rounds of the community festivals from Montreal to Berlin to Delhi, all exploring queer desire and cultural hybridity through experimental and fantasy narrative. Lakme Takes Flight (with Melina Young, 2000, 12) is an over-the-top appropriation of the operatic flower duet from the eponymous French orientalist opera (trademark of other lesbian fantasies such as I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing as well), adding airborne coupling in a rickety turboprop, a postcolonial political edge and Bollywood delirium. The prizewinning video poem Unmapping Desire (1999, 7), about social and geographical impediments to women loving women, was broadcast in Germany.