Scott Treleaven

Video maker, Writer, Performer, Producer
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Videomaker, writer, zine producer, performer. OCAD-trained, Treleaven was a prolific and omnipresent pillar of the Toronto sex radical/handmade media underground starting in the mid-nineties. An early work is the cheap but aggressively illuminating documentary on queer dynamics within the punk music and zine subcultures, QUEERCORE (a punk-u-mentary) (1996, 21). About Salivation Army (2001, 21), The Village Voice waxed rapturous:

a rantumentary about his wannabe-revolutionary homocore faux-gang. DIY grungy and surprisingly subtle, Salivation smartly links world-changing ambitions to perverse desires for purity and innocence. “I have seen the new face of radicalism,” Treleaven narrates, “and it is cute.” Like Dennis Cooper with a heart, he keeps outside fires burning. In your face Will and Grace (20 Nov. 2002).