Robert Kennedy

Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Director, video maker, actor and editor. This prizewinning and prolific artist has produced almost thirty short experimental and documentary works in 16mm, 8mm and video within the Toronto queer and activist communities since 1986. Contributor to the work of filmmakers from Bruce LaBruce to Ron Mann, he has been popular on the international festival circuit from New Zealand to Barcelona, as well as TIFF. His films ranged from activist documentary to self-reflexive media analysis and queer comic experimentalism. In the last category, my favorite is Hi, I’m Steve (1999, 7), a comic gem about a baldish skinny thirtysomething everyman who gives up on the telephone dating services and finds love and happiness as a dolphin. Shot on crystalline black and white Super 8, Hi, I’m Steve features the artist’s own speedy run-on voiceover, and his edgy performance sums up perfectly a whole universe of neurotic relationship insecurity and ever hopeful fantasy-reality management. “Hi, I’m Steve. I confuse intimacy and sex but is that really so terrible?”