Pendra Wilson

Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Lives in
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA

Video maker, porn maker, radio psychic. Toronto-born, Vancouver-based Wilson, sometimes credited simply as Pendra, self-defines as a pro-sex feminist, transgender female, pro-democracy activist and a porn director. Shaped by the Toronto queer punk zine scene, as well as Freud, Marx and San Francisco, her half-dozen iconoclastic video shorts explore sexual marginalities within queer cultures from SM to bears to porn (often with a good dose of theory mixed in, whether psychoanalytic or Jungian) and have circulated in queer and lesbian festivals internationally since the early nineties. Kore Cara Mia (1999, 18) is an erotic narrative about SM and safe-sex practices between a woman and her HIV-positive lover. An earlier work, Granny’s Bedtime Story (1992, 19), subverts SM lesbian hardcore through a narration “like Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood but gone bad, bad, bad and pornographic.”