Paul Lee

Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Director, producer, curator. Hong Kong-born, raised in Toronto after 1976 and trained at U. of T. and New York University, Lee made three short films in the 1990s that were staples of mainstream, queer and diasporic festivals. The prizewinning Thick Lips Thin Lips (1994, 6) is an experimental closeup study of an embrace between two men of Asian and African descent respectively, in the context of racist and homophobic violence, communicated through music rather than language. The Offering (1999, 10, 35mm.) is narrative, both ascetic and lush, set in traditional Japan, about a relationship between a monk and a novice, mirrored by the transition of the seasons (inspired by the Jean Cocteau ballet The Young Man and his Death). Lee’s films are characterized by their sensuality combined with tight formal precision. Lee was the coordinator of the first edition of Inside Out in 1991, and thereafter also committed himself to producing first films by other directors, as well as curating thematic series.